Travel vs Vacation

As a rule, we are incapable of monotony. Creatures of habit we may be, within us still lies the insatiable desire for fresh experiences and change. A vacation is what saves us from the torment of the humdrum of the lives we have created. It is an escape from the routine, a break from reality, an opportunity to rest. It is a weekend getaway to Cancun, a ski trip to Colorado, a Disney cruise.

Travel is not a vacation.

It’s life.

No one who takes travel seriously will ever tell you that the reason they are traveling is to take a break from their daily lives. The traveler never tries to escape from the world but rather embraces it. A traveler does not go on vacation, they go on a journey.

A person on vacation stays within the safe confines of their resort. A person on vacation sticks to the well-traveled routes of those before them. They worry about interruptions in their daily agendas. They fear the dangerous locals. They hang on to their passports as if they were worth gold. Heaven forbid, they’d have to stay longer than planned.

The traveler…

They’re the crazy ones aren’t they? The ones who bursts out straight from airports into the middle of the chaos they’ve decided to venture into. The ones who not only shakes the hands of the locals, but engages them, accepts their invitations for dinner, jumps into cars with them. The ones who leave behind their work, their home, their loved ones to chase the road. The ones who would view a stolen passport as a mild inconvenience but more as a blessing to relish in a strange place longer.

They’re the ones who leave and come back changed.

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