All you will find here is about the road.


It is about the fervent chase of travel.

If you don’t already understand, you never will. This is about living in complete intensity. Yearning, desiring aching for and eventually tasting the satisfaction of having done what you were born to do: live the world.

Origins are fascinating for the very mystery of it. There is difficulty in uncovering when it all began and even more difficult to be certain that it would be the truth. I can never truly tell you when it was that I knew for sure that there was nothing in the world that I desired more than to see as much of it as I could.


I can tell you that after I found myself on the path of El Camino de Santiago I realized that there was no greater happiness than marching to your own beat towards absolute certainty that you have no idea what lies ahead.

It has been said before that when you want something, the universe conspires in your favor. There is nothing that I believe more than this.


I will not tell you how you should travel, just that you should. I will not tell you how to get to some of the slices of heaven that I have been to, just that they exist and you should do your best to find them.


If you were seeking practical advice, you’re at the wrong place.

I will most definitely not tell you how to make money as a travel blogger.

There is nothing here about traveling on a budget, you already know about couchsurfing and hostels. I have no timetables for you, or maps, or the best routes.

I have only stories about mountains, cities, people, oceans, and other things I find along the way.


I will tell you to take chances and make mistakes.

I will tell you to climb higher than you thought possible.


I will tell you to make NO PLANS, you miss so much when you do.

Just go.


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