Estoy Viajando

Sometime on Friday night. I am at my friend´s home, enjoying the BBQ party he had planned. I’m having a good time, sitting talking to this kid, Pedro or Peter. At one point he says to me, “blah blah blah Eres Viajando” and I nod, and thought to myself “Yes, I am on a journey, I am traveling (viajando).” and I proceed to tell him in Spanish that I am going to Argentina, and later Peru. He shakes his head and goes. “No. Mira (look) tu eres viajando.” I nod again. “Yes, I am traveling, I am going to places.” He gets frustrated and I get confused. It seemed to me that we were understanding each other but he seemed to think I didn’t get it. He says again, ‘tu eres en un viaje (you are on a journey) ella es viajando (she is traveling as he points out to another girl). And i go, ‘yes, she did tell me she is from Argentina.” His frustration gets to him and he abruptly leaves and disappears for a bit and I’m going around chatting with who I could. He eventually finds me and gleefully screams in my face: “YOU´RE STONED!”

Ah yes. It clicks. Estoy viajando. I am tripping. Indeed.