Danger: Falling Rocks

Nature is inescapable. Often this realization strikes when we find ourselves at its mercy; when a tornado hits, when a polar vortex seeps into our bones, when an earthquake claims its victims. Living here, in Oahu, however, that phrase translates exclusively to mean that every single day, is a day to be astounded by nature.

Surrounded by nothing but the powerful Pacific Ocean, the islands have much more to boast than I could ever know. Even a simple, quick walk into the woods, leads to jaw-dropping wonder.

photo 1

I followed the trail towards Manoa Falls today. It is an easy hike. Besides the sometimes slippery slopes, it was a walk in the park. The scenery along the way however, is fantastic.

No matter which direction you turn to, in Oahu, you simply cannot escape. Which makes living here, a bit of an oddity. Usually, we head to the trails, to the beach or to the mountains for a retreat. We indulge our desire to be lost with Pacha Mama. But when you live in the midst of it, there is no escape. It is simply there. It is a constant. Consistent, unchanging, and always.

All you need to do is look up.


And look down.


And all around…

photo 3

As it is with life, after a long journey the time comes to reap the rewards.


And as true as it is in life, so it is on a journey, beware.