This is who I be


Only after a year I left my place of birth in California and I lived in the Philippines with the family of my family.

Origins is a complex matter for me.

My youth is an overflowing spring of memories in which occasionally I will (re) discover something that I had forgotten.

I spent my childhood in the streets, rice fields and beaches of Laguna, Cebu and finally General Santos City. At 15, I found myself back in California for my last two years of high school, then jetted off to the other side of the Great United States of America for university in Boston eventually obtaining a very expensive piece of paper with beautiful calligraphy.

While I was at university I did a little bit of traveling, going on short trips in and around the East Coast, occasionally venturing across the Bible Belt and spending a semester abroad in Spain (+ exploring some of Europe) and that was when the travel virus that I caught as a child developed into a full-blown incurable disease.

Keeping Boston as my home base, I worked in the Labor Movement in the U.S. and traveled North America extensively. The job led to a one-year stint in Los Angeles, where I realized having a stable job, a grown up apartment and staying put scared the shit out of me. So, I packed my everything, scuttled across the U.S. on a cross-country road trip, went straight to Montreal for a quick stop before leaving my car in Boston, jumping on a bus to New York City and catching a flight to Montevideo, Uruguay.

What followed was a trek around Latin America, which just fueled my wandering spirit. I returned to Boston thereafter, and worked on a victorious U.S. Senate Campaign, but politics leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So I left, once more, this time to Southeast Asia. I rediscovered The Philippines and learned about my next door neighbors of Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia where I was always mistaken as a local. That was always a compliment.

Out of left field, I spent a few months living in Las Vegas working on The Strip.Then I got homesick and flew back to Boston, got my old job back and showed up an hour late on my first day. What followed was months of concentrated play in my own yard. The best memories were made with friends both old and new.

These days, I live on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

My closest friends describe me as: “undefinable,” “ridiculous,” and “crazy,” I beg to differ.

My most cherished possession are my books, which I am forever inspired by.



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